• Head: Available on 8.5″ × 11″ size for up to two characters.
  • Torso: Available on 8.5″ × 11″ and 11″ × 17″ sizes for up to two characters.
  • Figure: Available on 11″ × 17″ size for up to five characters and 22″ × 17″ size up to nine characters.


  • This is the number of characters you’d like to include.


  • Specify which characters you’d like to include — there should be a name for each Number you’ve selected.

Extra Options

By default, there will be little to no background. Occasionally, I’ll add textured tones or smoke or debris- to balance compositions – very minimal stuff.If you’d like a detailed background; like a cityscape, or something specific; like the Batcave, that’s when you should click this option.

Sending Blanks to me will have a $35 handling fee. Please email me after placing your order and I’ll instruct you on where to send your Blank.

Drawing on both the front and back (creating a wrap around image), it’s the cost of an additional character. For example: If you order a commission with 2 Figures on a wrap-around, select 3 for the Number and check this box.

Shoot me an email, the more info/photos the better. After that, the Jam will need to be sent to my PO Box. Jam Pieces have a $50 handling fee, and will be insured very highly when sent back to you.