PDF Automator Java Script, for Adobe Photoshop


Quickly create multi-page PDF documents from nearly ENDLESS folders of jpegs!
Price : $15.00


This DiGi-Art Quicktool is NOT compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4-CS5

The DiGi-Art Quicktool PDF Automator empowers YOU, to grab Photoshop by the reigns, point it at a folder, where it will grab every jpg (or jpeg) in that folder, and create an easy to use Multi-page PDF!
The PDF Automator can process many HUNDREDS of images, even making a PDF for the files in EACH SUBFOLDER, while you relax!
This DiGi-Art Quicktool is great for emailing proofs to Editors (or Writers) as well as organizing your reference collections, and many more!
Below is an easy to follow step-by-step YouTube tutorial, demonstrating the use of this PDF Automator Java Script.

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