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Time not drawing is extremely rare, I get about one day off a month (no exaggeration), so I've cut back on - and also started charging for - the interviews that I do give. If you're interested in scheduling an interview, (audio or written), please email me, and we can go over schedule and budget, thanks!



  Zulama, inspiration and training (New York Comicon 2017)

Worst Comic Book Podcast Ever!

  Batman/TMNT Volume 2 (Baltimore Comicon 2017) Nerd Culture Podcast (00:39:36-00:57:00)  
  Local Fox 4 News about Batman / TMNT (Dec, 2015) Raging Bullets Episode #44  
  Best of the Worst (Red Letter Media) Raging Bullets Episode #119  
  Half in the Bag WWCC2011 recap (at the 11:44 mark) Raging Bullets Episode #130  
  SBC from NYCC 2007 (I was super sick) Raging Bullets Episode #139  
  The Geek Den (PACC) Raging Bullets Episode #140  
  Dio Student Documentary exerpt Raging Bullets Episode #195a  
  FEWII Cameo's and Tidbits Raging Bullets Episode #195b  
  My YouTube page: assorted QnA and drawing vids Raging Bullets Episode #286  
    Raging Bullets Episode #241  
  TEXT INTERVIEWS Raging Bullets Episode #311  
  Batman/TMNT Volumes 1&2 Interview (Bastow) Raging Bullets Episode #338  
  Batman/TMNT Volume 2 Interview (Newsarama) Raging Bullets Episode #369  
  Batman/TMNT + Jonas Quantum (Planetcomicon) Raging Bullets Episode #409  
  Jonas Quantum Interview (Marc Guggenheim) Raging Bullets Episode #447  
  My Work on Legendary Starlord (Newsarama) NEW! Raging Bullets Episode #461  
  Mini Studio Tour (Current Studio) Comic Geek Speak #172 (My first podcast)  
  CBR Studio Tour (2007 old studio) Comic Geek Speak #174  
    Comic Geek Speak #202  
  Comicosity interview (the Movement) Comic Geek Speak #225  
  FanboyNation Comic Geek Speak #281  
  Jazma Online (Captain Atom) Comic Geek Speak #477  
  So Much Comics Comic Geek Speak #697  
  Comics Journal Part 1 Comic Geek Speak #729  
  Comics Journal Part 2 Comic Geek Speak #1034  
  Borg.com Comic Geek Speak #1105  
  Supermag blog Comic Geek Speak #1250  
    Digital Nerdage Episode #7  
  IGN (Joint interview with JT Krul) Gateway to the Megaverse #66 (playing RPGs)  
  Draw Me In (2009) Comics Timing Episode #34  
  Speed Force Comics Timing Episode#50 (32:33-1:15)  
  CBR in-depth Interview Fanboy Radio #366  
    Cindy Center Podcast #68  
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