Grab Files From Folder Java Script


Grabs Image files and places them in your Photoshop Document fast!
Price : $15.00


The “Grab Files From Folder” Java Script is a big time saver, especially at the beginning of a project or issue, when you are in Reference gathering mode. Instead of manually dragging over all of your reference material into your Photoshop document, simply point this Grab Files From Folder Java Script to the folder containing all of the desired reference, and it does the heavy lifting for you!

The Grab Files From Folder Java Script will grab *jpg*tif and *png, files all at once, or you can choose just one of those file formats, and ignore the others, your choice! The contents of each of those files are brought into your Photoshop document, each in their own new layer, in alpha/numeric order!

I’ve tested this DiGi-Art Quicktool on folders containing hundreds of image files, and it passed with flying colors! It’s stable and works fast! I’m still amazed by it!

For those that use a lot of photo reference for clothing, poses and lighting, and have to bring in a bunch of those files into each digital comic book page you are working on, this is an ideal way to do that!

Simple and easy to use, the Grab Files From Folder Java Script is a good way to save time, and attention span!

Below is an easy to follow step-by-step YouTube tutorial, demonstrating the use of this Grab Files From Folder Java Script.

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