Freddie E. Williams II


Payment plans are super simple with me (and I do them all the time, especially on high dollar originals, that can be a lot of money to come up with all at once).
It requires at least a 20% deposit of the full purchase, and monthly payment installments until the art is all paid for.

The number of months until the art is paid off is determined by you and I, in an email discussion ahead of time, we just figure out what's a realistic amount of time to pay off the total, then stick to that. I’ve gone as far out as 6 months, but with large purchases, I can go further out than that. (note there is a $5 per month fee)

As soon as I receive the deposit, I mark the original(s) as SOLD / ON HOLD, here on my site, after the total is paid for, I'll get your order shipped to you!

Note about cancelling a purchase: If something comes up and you need to back out of the transaction completely (or if it takes twice as long as we agreed, to pay off the original as we agreed upon) then 20% of the total cost of the piece of the original art is non refundable, and will be taken out of the deposit, before the rest is refunded, the agreement will be considered annulled.

So don’t hesitate to ask about payment plans, just shoot me an email and we’ll talk about it! Thanks!