NEW!!! ACTION PACK (Clips Studio / Manga Studio Actions)


NEW!!! Set of 12 powerful Actions for use in Clip Studio/Manga Studio
Price : $35.00

NOTE: Version testing: works for sure  with: 2.2.1 on Windows, Android and iPadOS.
If you have any issues, please email us!

This Action Pack for Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio created by Jonathan Rector.


Whether you are new to working digitally or have been using Clips Studio/Manga Studio for a while now, here is a set of 12 powerful time saving auto actions for CSP/MS5! This pack contains the most often relied upon actions, GREAT for use use on every comic book page!

Here is the list of the actions in this Action Pack for CSP/MS5:
Make New Layer
Make White Adjustment Layer
Make Non-Photo Blue for Print
Beef Up Lineweight
Thin Out Lineweight
Eliminate White Pixels
K/O Layer + Contour Line
Convert Pixels to Wires / Seams
Temp Layer Group “Done”
Make “Inks” Layer Group & New Layer
Expand Selection, Fill with Black
Threshold (Controlled Bitmap)

Below is an easy to follow step-by-step YouTube tutorial, demonstrating the use of this Action Pack, as well as step-by-step instructions on the instillation of these Auto Actions, as well as setting them up with hotkeys (optional).

For more info on how Jonathan Rector uses Clips Studio Paint / Manga Studio, to digitally draw comic books, check out his Youtube Channel:
Scribbles With Jonathan