Master Page Templates, for Adobe Photoshop


Master Page Templates are essential to drawing Comic Books digitally! Click MORE INFO to learn more >>>>>

Master Page Templates are highly useful Adobe Photoshop files designed for ease of use in the early organizational and Rough layout stage of digitally drawing comic book pages.Each has: customized text fields (for the title bar at the top of the page). Layer Groups for easy organization of reference and the comic book script (for that page of the comic book). As well as Layer groups to house the artwork for each Panel of the page.

That is only the start to the benefits of using a Master Page Template!
Each of these different Master Page Templates are constructed to conform to the correct bleed, trim and live area requirements for one of the major comic book publishers!

I devote an entire chapter to Master Page Templates in my book:
the DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics

Below is an easy to follow YouTube tutorial, demonstrating the use of Master Page Templates.